Best Sources of Protein

  Adequate protein consumption is important for  optimal  health and having a positive nitrogen balance and amino acid profile aids in muscle gain and maintenance at any age. Many professionals recommend one gram of protein per kilogram of lean body mass desired. The purpose of this document is not to investigate protein needs for a certain desired body composition goal, but  to  discuss the functions of protein within the body and various sources including benefits and drawbacks of each category of protein source.     Protein source selection consists of more than just reading a food label. The other factors to be considered are quality, digestion, absorption, and  utilization . Some proteins may be much easier to digest than others and there is much variability in this regard. Lactose intolerance being one simple example. Absorption is also an important variable to be considered. The absorption of amino acids through the intestinal wall allows these potential building blocks the oppo

Tailored body sculpting

  There are currently numerous workout and nutrition programs with advertisements across all forms of media. Social media is overly saturated with nutrition and exercise programs promoting various approaches as well as magical pills or products to get outrageous results in record time whether they are attainable, practical, or healthy. The purpose of this document is to discuss the good, bad, and ugly claims and aspects of some of the fitness industry. A goal is to distinguish fact from fiction and healthy from unhealthy. The goal here is not to attack any particular program or product, but instead to demonstrate that healthy, tailored, and targeted routines are far more beneficial for a large variety of reasons. Blatant misinformation to promote programs, products, or services is often propagated in the fitness industry of today. The ultimate goal should always be to provide healthy and effective programs targeted to the very specific goals and needs of the individual     The first st